Your home in Veridia will be the most sustainable housing option in town with features and certifications not found anywhere else in the state:

  • The community will be LEED certified and individual homes will be both Green Building Initiative and Energy Star certified. These extensive third-party certifications ensure the highest standards of construction, thermal and energy efficiency, and indoor air quality.
  • Smaller, lower-cost, space efficient homes use fewer resources to build and maintain and are not generally available owing to the high cost of land in Chapel Hill/Carrboro. There is no comparable green product in this size or price range.
  • A 100-kilowatt solar array located on top of the carport spaces produces enough power to largely offset the electrical usage of the community.
  • Rainwater is harvested and stored at each home for use landscaping and irrigation reducing potable water use.
  • Homes are gathered around a pedestrian commons. A central walking path with periodic benches and a surrounding greenway provide an earth- and community-centered design.
  • A community garden offers each homeowner a plot in which to grow their choice of fruits and vegetables, providing truly local produce to Veridia's residents.