Veridia is ideally located, reducing the time and cost of doing the things you enjoy while also reducing your carbon footprint.

Veridia is:

  • Only two miles from the center of Carrboro whose vibrant culture has earned it distinction as one of the nation's most desirable places to live.
  • Next door to the McDougle Elementary/Middle School — offering a quality education from free pre-kindergarten through eighth grade, with facilities and spending per student comparable to private schools. If you have children, proximity to this school is a great reason to live in Veridia.
  • On a major bus line in Chapel Hill/Carrboro's extensive, free public transportation system — potentially eliminating the need for a second car.
  • On a bike path that connects to a large network of paths throughout Carrboro.
  • Adjacent to a planned sidewalk that will connect to all nearby amenities.
  • Next door to ball fields, a track, and a library.
  • Half a mile from the city's largest park.
  • Half a mile from the Carrboro Plaza shopping center.
  • Half a mile from the Highway 54 bypass.