George Torrence Overholt III (Trip), has been devoted to sustainable living and sustainable enterprise since 1991. Mr. Overholt opened the first green retail store in North Carolina in a space that is now the Weaver Street Market café in downtown Carrboro. He built the first solar powered straw bale residence in North Carolina (1993). In 1994, he and his partner founded one of the first farm animal sanctuaries on their land in Snow Camp. In 1998, he co-founded a house relocation and renovation business (Sustainable Living, Inc.) that relocated 38 homes and renovated 12. He and his partner also built the Barn at Valhalla - a beautiful space for various community gatherings. In 2005, Mr. Overholt and his partner built a small, commercial grade bio-diesel factory to producefuel for their small fleet of construction vehicles.

All of the above endeavors have been covered by a combination of national and local media. Mr. Overholt has also been featured in video documentaries and in a recently published book: "Going Green".